Duitse filmploeg op bezoek bij Van Veen Architecten

Van Veen Architecten is geïnterviewd voor de Duitse documentaire ‘Die Revolutionäre’ geregisseerd door Eva-Katharina Pieroth. Onder andere over de duurzame oplossingen en het creatieve gebruik van natuurlijke materialen  in onze projecten.

Over de film (in het Engels):
‘Die Revolutionäre’ is a documentary about the paradox of settling a new planet, before we have managed to save our own. The documentary shows a series of related projects, that help extensive sustainable living becoming reality. On the one hand, there is a view on the creative use of the resource wood, starting from biological substances for the construction of houses up to revolutionary architectural projects, focusing on the preservation of our natural environment. On the other hand, a group of visionaries is presented, whose motivation arises less from environmental protection, but from the exploration of completely new surroundings.

The film portrays projects and actors, which are involved in the realization of self-sufficient life and the minimization of the negative influence of humans on the environment. To promote sustainable development to protect and preserve our planet, we first have to understand how to deal fairly with the available resources of planet Earth. Scientists, engineers, computer scientists and architects are trying to cope with this issue, developing unexpected solutions to problems found in an area of conflict between: How can we live and how do we want to live?